Radio Check is our joint effort in cooperation with Tactical 16, a Disable Veteran Owned Business, to help promote orginal writings by Veterans. We are working along side Tactical 16 to help Veterans enchange the community through their writings about their personal experiences while serving in the Armed Forces and beyond.


Death Letters

“Everyone writes one. At least, everyone who fights in a war does.” These are the first lines of Army chaplain David W. Peters’ genre-defying book, Death Letter: God, Sex, and War. Written in the dark days immediately following his deployment to Iraq, Death Letter is part memoir, part comic lament, on his relationship with the three great subjects of our mythic imagination.

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Embedded Enemy

Shortly after deploying for the war in Iraq, an unprecedented attack was about to take place; the first of it's kind in U.S. military history. Embedded Enemy is the true story of the deadly attack against the men and women of Headquarters and Headquarters Company First Brigade, 101st Airborne Division.

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Drive On

At the foxhole level, war imprints an indelible mark that is invisible to historians who focus on commanders at headquarters directing the sweeping movements of troops. A real, raw and fresh perspective is enclosed in this personal journal of what it's like to go through a war. Preserved in writing are the experiences and insights of those in all branches of the service who participated, especially those motivated, dedicated volunteers in the Airborne infantry who endured the hardships of the Sand Box, carried with them a cherished reminder of home and leaned on each other to perform their duty with what Hemingway called grace under pressure.

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Cadence Candy

"CADENCE CANDY" is a military cadence book dedicated to military members that search for the good in everything. We wrote over 100 new and original cadences to motivate, uplift and inspire all who choose to read, hear, memorize and call.

"Military cadences YOU never heard!!"

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About Tactical 16

Tactical 16 is a Veteran focused publishing company that strives to work with military, police, firefighter and emergency service Veterans to give them a fair opportunity at sharing their story and becoming published authors. They are a focused Disabled Veteran owned and operated business that not only understands Veterans, but in many cases members on their team are still serving proudly within the military and civil service sectors. Not a Veteran? They also want to hear from spouses, caregivers, parents and proud supporters of Veterans who work tirelessly to create opportunities for our Vets.

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